There are eight playable species in Star Wars Galaxies, and many, many more that show up as NPCs. Below is a list of the species that can be found in Star Wars Galaxies.

  • Is it important which Species I pick?
  • What are the playable Species?
  • What are some other Species I might meet?

    Is it important which Species I pick?
    No, not as much so as in other games, such as Everquest. Unlike EQ, every race can pursue every profession, so the initial species choice is not as constricting. Each species does have specific bonuses which may be helpful in certain professions, though, so the choice should not be completely without thought. Just remember that because you can change professions whenever you chose, the additional attributes that may have been helpful one day may not be so much so the next.

    What are the playable Species?
    The eight playable species (that is, the species that a player can chose to be) are detailed below, alphabetically. They include Bothans, Humans, Mon Calamari, Rodians, Trandoshans, Twi'lek, Wookiees and Zabrak.

    Female Species Lineup
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    Male Species Lineup
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    Bothan: Bothans are a species of small, agile humanoids who hail from Bothawui. They control an extensive spy-net and were invaluable in locating the 2nd Death Star. Bothans make excellent spies, scouts, mercenaries, and politicians, due to their excellence in investigation skill.

  • Bonuses to Slicing and investigation skills
  • Bonuses to action-related attributes

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  • Human: Humans are the dominate species in the galaxy. They look like... humans. Look in a mirror - That's a human (hopefully!) Humans come from many of the Galaxy's planets - Corellia, Alderaan, Chandrilla, and Naboo are some examples. Humans are really the run-of-the-mill species, with average abilities in almost everything. They are the standard by which other species are judged.

  • Can advance through Imperial ranks without penalty
  • No attribute modifyers

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  • Mon Calamari: Mon Calamari are a race of fishlike humanoids from the planet of the same name. Their planet is almost entirely covered in water, thusly Mon Calamari have developed the ability to breath underwater for long periods of time without any artificial respiration. They are probably the most unique of the Star Wars Galaxies species, with huge protruding eyes and rubbery fish-like skin.

  • Increased swimming speed
  • Bonuses to mental attributes
  • Subject to penalties in hot and dry conditions

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  • Rodian: Rodian's are humanoids with several distinct reptilian features. They are from the planet Rodia in the Tyrius system. Many Rodians tend to be shunned by society in general, as they have a very strong smell, thusly a lot of Rodians tend to take on the role of smugglers and bounty hunters. Rodians have a long history of violent clan clashes.

  • Bonuses to action-related attributes, such as Quickness
  • Bonuses to some skills involving bounty hunting and smuggling

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  • Trandoshan: Trandoshans are reptilian, like the Rodians, but are usually alot larger. They come from the plant Trando. Trandoshans tend to hate Wookiees for some reason. Bossk, a Bounty Hunter seen in The Empire Strikes Back, was a Trandoshan. Trandoshan's history is littered with reports of violence, hunting, and slavery. They are generally feared throughout the galaxy for their 'brutal dispositions.'

  • Bonuses to physical attributes, including Health
  • Natural claws provide additional damage during unarmed combat
  • May suffer negative reactions from Wookiee NPCs

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  • Twi’lek: Twi'leks are humanoid beings from the planet of Ryloth. One of the distinct features that separate Twi'leks from other species is their two long "brain-tails," or lekku. Twi'leks tend to be more intelligent then other species, and some are nearly as honour-bound as Wookiees. Twi'leks, in addition to vocal speech, can use their brain tails to 'whisper' to other Twi'leks.

  • Secret "head-tail" language
  • Bonuses to dancing skill effects
  • Bonus to Focus attribute

    [ More information about Twi'leks ]

  • Wookiee: Wookiees are strong, tall, and loyal beings from the planet Kashyyyk. They are shaggy aliens, and have long, sharp claws they use for climbing the huge Wroshyr trees of their homeworld. Chewbacca, Han Solo's sidekick, is a wookiee. Wookiees are incapable of speaking basic, but they can generally understand it.

  • Bonus to physical attributes, including Strength
  • Can build and use the traditional Wookiee weapons, bowcasters and ryyk blades.
  • Can't speak basic

    [ More information about Wookiees ]

  • Zabrak: Not much is known about Zabrak. They are a humanoid species with small, protruding horns growing from the tops of their heads. Many Zabrak paint their bodies with elaborate tattoos. Zabrak tend to have amazing mental ability. Darth Maul was a Zabrak.

  • Bonuses to mind-related attributes, especially Willpower
  • Slight resistance to poison

    [ More information about the Zabrak ]

  • What are some other Species I might meet?
    There are dozens of other alien species you might encounter which journeying through Star Wars Galaxies. A few of those are listed below:

    Bith: The Bith are a species of tall, slender beings from the planet Clak'dor VII. They make excellent musicians. A Bith band was seen playing in the Mos Eisley Cantina in Episode IV: A New Hope.

    Ewok: Ewoks are small furry creatures that resemble large teddy-bears. They are native to the moon of Endor, and live in tree houses high over the ground.

    [ StarWars.com Databank Entry ]

    Gammorean: Gammoreans are piglike, seemingly brutish aliens, from the planet Gamorr. They tend to be employed as guards by crime lords such as the Hutts. Jabba the Hutt had many Gammoreans under his employ.

    [ StarWars.com Databank Entry ]

    Hutt: Hutts are huge, hulking slug creatures from the planet Nal Hutta. They are very competitive creatures, and many control vast smuggling and criminal associations. Jabba, from Episodes I, IV, and VI, was a Hutt.

    [ StarWars.com Databank Entry ]

    Jawa: Jawas are small, gnome-like scavengers from the planet Tatooine. They control many of the mighty sand-crawlers that were left being by human settlers long ago. They criss-cross the deserts searching for scrap and lost droid to sell or trade in cities.

    [ StarWars.com Databank Entry ]

    Kowakian: A Kowakain monkey lizard appears - sitting on Jabba's tail - in the Return of the Jedi.

    Quarren: Quarren share their world with the Mon Calamari. They have humanoid bodies and squid-like heads, earning them the title of squid-heads. Quarren have the ability to stay underwater for amazing amounts of time without coming up for air.

    [ StarWars.com Databank Entry ]

    Tusken: Tuskens are nomadic humanoids from Tatooine. They have a unique bond with the large shaggy Banthas of the same world, and are usually found together.

    [ StarWars.com Databank Entry ]