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Free server transfers, Halloween fest coming to Star Wars Galaxies
October 9, 2008 [DarthMaulUK]

Another producer's letter from Christopher "Dotanuki" Field brings amazing news to the Star Wars Galaxies faithful: free server transfers are coming! Here's what the man had to say: "To help address the server population concerns that have been brought up by the community we will be implementing a Free Character Transfer program early next year. I do not have specific dates to announce now, but I do know that it will only run for a limited time. Any transfers made before the program kicks off will not be refunded."

Field goes on to describe the brand-new Halloween event coming to the game. It's slated to run from October 14th through November 7th, and is called "the Galactic Moon Festival." Moenia and Mos Eisley will be redressed for the event, turned into 'haunted attractions.' There are going to be numerous gifts and trinkets associated with the event, including a dramatic house painting for players to enjoy. Jabba is apparently behind the event, and as a result SWG players will get costumes, fog, spiders, gravestones, scarecrows, and much much more. Read through to the letter for full details on this exciting holiday event, and even more on the upcoming Hoth instance!

Friday Feature - Frozen Goods
October 5, 2008 [DarthMaulUK]

You and your friends face tough challenges in the Battle of Echo Base, but your efforts are well-rewarded! It doesn't matter where your allegiance lies both Rebels and Imperials have a chance for rewards unlike any other for taking part of the landmark battle in Chapter 11.

full story...

KOTOR to be officially announced this month
October 3, 2008 [DarthMaulUK]

Bothan spies have intercepted a transmission that indicates Bioware are all set to announce their new MMO this month. Cast your mind back to Oct 30 2007, when LucasArts announced it was working on a joint project with Bioware.

Keep checking their website for full details of this exciting announcement. What does this mean for Galaxies? Not alot I think. The development team are creating some engaging and exciting content for Galaxies still - with Hoth coming in Chapter 11.

MMORPG.com re-reviews Galaxies
October 1, 2008 [DarthMaulUK]

MMORPG.com's Jef Reahard writes this re-review of Star Wars Galaxies. Using their new review system, Reahard has kept the controversey of the game's past in mind while focusing his review on the game as it stands today.

Here is a small snippet -

Originally released over five years ago, Galaxies has held up surprisingly well when it comes to visuals. It is orders of magnitude better looking than many newer games on the market, and the character customization options (which provide the player with the opportunity to make a truly unique avatar) remain the class of the industry.

The graphical engine is starting to show its age, but players will still find themselves marveling over the binary sunsets on Tatooine, the lush forests of Endor, and the murky harsh realm that is the backwater planet of Dathomir as they embark on their own personal Star Wars journey.

Jeff Freeman, Former SWG Lead Gameplay Designer, Dies
October 1, 2008 [DarthMaulUK]

We've some sad news to report this morning -

Jeff Freeman, former Lead Gameplay Designer on Star Wars Galaxies, has tragically taken his own life.

Freeman had previously worked at Spacetime Studios as well as on Ultima Online, but is best known for his stint on Star Wars Galaxies, where he was unfortunate enough to become the public face of the "New Game Enhancements" update, one of the most infamous debacles in MMOG history. In a story from June 2007, Allen Varney detailed how Freeman became the target of gamer rage over the NGE, even though his role in its development was minor.

Despite the fact that he continued to suffer online abuse at the hands of Star Wars Galaxies players unhappy with the NGE changes even after leaving Sony Online Entertainment in late 2006, Freeman's brother clarified that his suicide had nothing to do with the game. "I want everyone to know that it was not SWG that led him to take his life," he said. "He has been troubled for some time. There were a lot of personal issues that tore at him."

A memorial service will be held for Freeman in his hometown of Austin, Texas, on October 2. He was 39. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

RIP Jeff.

Battle for Echo base - Friday feature
September 26, 2008 [DarthMaulUK]

Become a part of a landmark battle in Chapter 11: The Battle of Echo Base! Fight for the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance on the icy fields of Hoth in a Star Wars Galaxies experience unlike any other. This breathtaking heroic encounter puts you at the controls of a Rebel snowspeeder or an Imperial AT-ST as you and your friends jump into the fray at Echo Base.

full story...



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